July 6, 2023

First Look at Rosebud AI Game Maker: Type, Create, Play

The unexpected emergence of Artificial Intelligence models like ChatGPT and Dall-e have impacted all fields of knowledge work.

From the simplest tasks to the most complex ones, it seems that all will be affected by generative AI.

The gaming industry, of course, is no exception. And is perhaps one of the best applications of these kind of AI tools: generating code and assets is what generative AI can do exceptionally well. And this will dramatically change the way video games are being developed, and also who develops them.

If you need to generate game assets quickly, we've got PixelVibe ready for you, an app where you can create images of characters, items, or backgrounds just by describing what you need.

On our blog, you'll find everything you need to know about PixelVibe, along with some games that have used PixelVibe and its AI model for their visual design.

However, in this post we want to introduce a new platform that will soon be available for you to create a video game from scratch using AI.

All you have to do is start typing to create what you want; our game maker will help you generate the code and the assets, so you can quickly build, share, and play!

Want to know more? Check this video 👇

From text to game: create a new world of fun with Rosebud AI Game Maker

Can AI make an entire videogame? Our answer certainly is yes.

Our game maker platform is designed not only for game developers, but for anyone with an interest in video games and the ambition to make one.

As you can see in this first sneak peek, you'll be able to chat via natural language with an AI capable of generating code of the game you want to play.

What's even better is that this can all be done completely online, just by using your browser, some sentences, and a curious mind.

Our asset generator will also be incorporated, so you’ll be able to see how your words take shape into game assets directly on your screen.

Want to get started right away? Sign up for our waitlist to get exclusive access to the platform: Join here.

In this way, you'll be able to assemble both the mechanics and aesthetics of your game without friction and in record time. You just need your imagination and the right prompts to start it all.

We opted to replicate Flappy Bird and Pong in the example videos, but this is just the start!

Can’t wait to see what you build! Follow our socials to see daily creations and join our active community of creators on Discord to learn more about AI game development.

What about 3D games?

You're probably wondering: "cool 2D examples, but what about 3D games? Will I be able to create some kind of GTA in a medieval-fantasy-virtual world?".

Well, we have good news for you: our AI Game Maker will indeed include the option to develop 3D games, so you can take your ideas to a new level of depth and realism.

Look at this Minecraft-like world:

ai minecraft game maker

And this little house we built to commemorate the 4th of July:

ai game maker 3d

Now think about what you could create: towering castles, deep caves, extensive forests, all in an immersive three-dimensional space!

Your characters won't just move left or right, but everywhere! Exploring freely across the realms you'll craft!

How do I start creating games with AI?

For now, you should sign up for the waitlist. We have already started letting people into the alpha. Discord community members get priority!

We also recommend following us on Twitter to stay up to date on tips and tricks on game creations. And if you want to participate in the community events we are organizing, join our community on Discord.