How to Prompt?

To prompt a model, it's important to provide a clear and specific description of the asset you want to create. This may include information such as the subject or objects to include in the asset, the overall composition and layout, and any relevant details or constraints.

It is also important to provide the model with the necessary information to help it generate an accurate and realistic asset. This may include information about the environment, colors, or other factors that affect the appearance of the asset.

To make the prompt easy for PixelVibe to understand and interpret, it's important to use clear and consistent language and avoid ambiguity or confusion.

PixelVibe beta offers a user-friendly experience when it comes to promoting its models. Once you have selected a model, you can quickly view the output display with examples of the model's generations and associated prompts. The process is effortless, making it easy for you to use very simple prompts to generate the desired output.

The goal of prompting a model to generate game assets is to provide it with a clear prompt for it to create an accurate and consistent asset that meets your requirements.

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