Use AI to create and control the NPCs in your games

Emotionally intelligent NPCs and unique storylines designed with your vision and our AI platform.

The ultimate tool to populate your worlds. Just like in Minecraft, Terraria, or DND.

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AI Characters Created By Our Community

Make your players adapt to evolving scenarios and critical decisions.
npc generator

AI Town

Build a village where every character you meet is powered by an AI brain.

visual novel engine

Grandma's Chat

An unpredictable grandma who will surprise you with her sassy remarks.

npc minecraft generator

Star Trek: USS Exige

Meet Brett Sewell, Commander of a Federation Science Vessel.

Design NPCs That Evolve Alongside Your Game

Make your players adapt to evolving scenarios and critical decisions.
npc generator

Fully Customized Allies

Utilize AI to design NPCs that adapt to different gameplay styles, offering a unique and personalized gaming experience.

visual novel engine

AI Emotional Sensitivity

Custom NPCs that can recognize the emotional state of the player's character, taking gameplay to a whole new level.

npc minecraft generator

Unpredictable Behaviors

Generate unique behavior patterns, creating a more diverse and random game environment.

npc generator

Dynamic Story Creation

Create NPCs with spontaneous story arcs, based on the player's actions and other in-game factors.

npc name generator

No More Naming Block

The NPC Name Generator is your magical well of unique names, ensuring every character not just exists, but truly lives.

npc stats generator

Stats Beyond Numbers

Let the NPC Stats Generator blend strengths and weaknesses that will give new dimensions to your video game characters.

Generate Detailed Characters that Adapt to your Game's Narrative

From unique names to diverse stat profiles, our NPC Generator injects life into your characters.

Turn your Minecraft mods, Terraria underground biomes, and DND adventures into arenas of unpredictable and exciting encounters.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

What is Rosebud?

Rosebud is a platform to help you go from description to code to game. Simply describe the game you want to our AI, and it will develop the code. Your game will be browser-based, enabling you to share it instantly with friends.

How can I start using this platform?

Join our Discord to stay updated on events and special access we're granting to our Beta users. The more you engage with our community, the closer you'll get to platform access.

What unique features does Rosebud offer?

With Rosebud, you can craft games in 2D, 3D, and Voxel-style. The platform allows you to create both assets and code, and soon we will include the option to upload or design your own sprite sheets with AI.

Can I customize my AI characters?

Absolutely! You can design the traits, storylines, and emotions of your characters just by prompting them to the AI. This allows you to maintain creative control while Rosebud handles the complexities.

Can I create an AI character just for chatting?

Yes, you can create an AI character specifically for chatting in no time using our character template. You're free to modify the description, image, and even add music and other interactive elements to personalize the experience.

Can I create the visual assets for NPCs directly within the platform?

Yes, you can create visual assets for NPCs simply by providing a prompt of what you envision. The AI can generate unique character models, backgrounds, and other visual elements that align with your specified descriptions.

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