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Rosebud was founded by Berkeley PhD CEO and a team of AI experts to disrupt media creation and empower creators. Synthetic media will enable storytelling at the speed of thought. We're building that future.


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Founders that invested in us.

Ilya Sutskever

Cofounder Chief Scientist

Balaji Srinavasan

Former GP A16Z, CTO

Kevin Lin

COO Twitch, visiting partner Y Combinator.

Holly Liu

Cofounder Kabam, visiting partner Y Combinator.

Kun Gao

Co-founder former CEO of Crunchroll.

Jake Klamka

Founder CEO Insight Data Science

Ankur Goyal

Founder CEO Impira

Peter Chen

CEO Covariant

Timothy Chen

CEO Hyerpilot

Chris Messina

Founder Molly

With participation from


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