Rosebud is building the AI Roblox. We will make it dramatically easier for a community to create and enjoy the games of their dreams.

We’re a team of PhD researchers, creatives and engineers building the generative AI platform to enable game creation at the speed of thought. We believe all media creation will be done via generative methods in a few years. We're building that future. Rosebud is founded by Lisha Li.

Recent AI progress has given us a glimpse of what’s to come in the next few years.  We’re living at a pivotal moment in the history of technology. AI problems that went unsolved for decades are finally yielding to large models, and the scaling hypothesis continues to hold, while there are many fruitful directions in improving current techniques. This suggests we’re nowhere the limit of what’s possible.

At this special moment, working at Rosebud will be incredibly intense, filled with growth and impact and the hardest work you’ve ever done. These years will be a tremendous challenge, and an opportunity to make career-changing accomplishments.  If you do rise to the challenge, the skills you’ll develop will push you to the forefront of your field, and we’ll accomplish exceptional things together.

The next few years of AI are going to define the coming few decades. We wait a lifetime for a chance to make history. For those who have an inner fire to make something great, let’s build. Open positions below.


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