AI Generated Media

Virtual talent and digital human animation on demand with AI generated media.


Tokkingheads Mobile

Animate Any Photo with a Face.

Over 50K videos generated.

TokkingHeads Webapp

Animate virtual characters with just voice or text.  In seconds.

Generate a video of any presenter, real or fictional in seconds.

AI Photo Editing App

Customize models, anonymize faces or create unique model faces on any photo online now. Instant edits.

Rosebud in the News

Featured Projects

Humans of AI

A collaborative fiction with GPT3 to explore our common humanity.
Video, persona, voices and thoughts generated in collaboration with AI.

Political Deepfake

We made this deep fake for the Hooligans Agency and Phil Ehr to educate the public about the perils of deep fakes.

Read more about our Code of Ethics here.

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