Instantly animate a portrait photo with text, speech or puppet via video.

Free to download and use!

You can also turn any photo instantly into an animoji.

Puppet any photo and bring it to life.

How it Works

You can use just text or voice to generate a video.  

In seconds. Choose from a variety of voices and models.

High resolution videos available without watermark on paid accounts.

Go to the top of the queue and generate high resolution videos in seconds with paid accounts. Or use it for free with watermark.

Create your own virtual characters or virtual presenters.

Our users have created a range of character driven videos, from  educational to comedic content.

Background assets, easy formatting and automated video generation. Coming soon!

Use Tokkingheads to tell stories and create videos We are building the most frictionless platform to create unique videos, instantly.

Free to Download and Use. Try it Now!

What Users Are Making

Tokkingheads by Rosebud - Instantly animate a portrait photo w/ text, speech, or video | Product Hunt