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Red & Blue 185 Tiles, Characters, and Backgrounds
Dive into a world of contrast with characters like the Blue Gnome, paired with distinctive tiles like Red Blood.
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Fairy Inspired 161 Items & Characters
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fairies and dive into their hidden societies and ethereal realms.
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260 Elemental Character Portraits & Isometric Tiles
Embrace elemental power with characters like Windy Wizard and Phoenix Pharaoh, plus unique tiles like Lunar Stone.
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67 Full Body Fantasy Characters in Pixel Art
Alchemists, Artificers, Assassins, Barbarians, Beastmaster, and more. All come with background removed versions.
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52 Extra Cute Animal Plushies & Items
Cuteness overload: Adorable animal plushies & whimsical accessories for your creative projects.
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208 Space Opera Assets Pack
A collection of 77 character portraits + background removed versions and 131 space and exoplanet environments.
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Answers to your questions about our AI.

What is Rosebud?

Rosebud is a platform to help you go from description to code to game. Simply describe your game idea to our AI, and it will begin crafting the initial code.

With Rosebud, you can continuously refine and evolve your game: make adjustments, add new features, or tweak gameplay elements until the final product is what you envisioned. Your game will be browser-based, enabling you to share it instantly with friends.

How can I start using this platform?

Join our Discord to stay updated on events and special access we're granting to our Beta users. The more you engage with our community, the closer you'll get to platform access.

What unique features does Rosebud offer?

With Rosebud, you can craft games in 2D or Voxel-style. The platform allows you to create both assets and code, and soon we will include the option to upload or design your own sprite sheets with AI.

Is Rosebud easy and intuitive to use?

Yes, with Rosebud you can just chat with our AI to receive the code for the game you want to create.

We recommend you giving it instructions in different steps, so the AI can gradually build the interactive experience you envision.

To help you even more, you have the option to start with a 2D template, an AI character template for a more narrative-driven chat experience, or our voxel playground.

Additionally, you can clone existing games and modify them to create your own.

Is there a limit to the number of assets I can generate with Rosebud?

No, there is no limit to the asset generation with Rosebud. You have the freedom to create as many assets as your game requires.

Additionally, Rosebud supports the upload of your own assets, giving you the flexibility to enhance your cozy game with personal touches.

Can I use the free asset packs in a project that I will create outside of Rosebud?

Of course! The free asset packs contain downloadable resources that you can use in any project.

Just remember to give us credit 😊


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