June 14, 2023

PixelVibe in Action: These Games Were Made with AI Generated Assets

Generative AI is everywhere nowadays.

Not just because it's a trend, but because it's a real, quick, and effective aid for creators of all kinds: from digital illustrators to writers and musicians.

And since game development is also a complex art, more and more AI tools are emerging to boost game developers' creative processes and help them develop the best possible product in the shortest necessary time.

At Rosebud AI, we created PixelVibe, an app where game developers can generate game assets assets via text prompts and image controls.

Unlike other AI art generators, our models create game-ready assets that maintain a consistent style and can be easily exported.

PixelVibe is already starting to be used by solo devs and curious creators interested in gaming. That's why in this post, we want to show you 9 games whose art is composed of AI generated assets.

We believe this is just the beginning of a future in which video game development is faster and more accessible for everyone. Are you ready to jump in?

But… how does AI work for game asset creation?

In the simplest terms, artificial intelligence works like a creative partner.

You give it a set of instructions or prompts, like “dark fairy flying” or “yellow and red space maelstrom”, and it uses machine learning -a system that adapts through experience- to generate unique images based on those directives.

Imagine having a digital artist who never tires, is incredibly fast, and can produce a wide variety of assets in no time. That's the power of AI in game creation.

isometric tiles generated by AI
Isometric tiles generated by PixelVibe AI

Of course, AI art generators doesn't replace human creativity. Actually, it enhances it, allowing game developers -and especially indie developers- to bring their wildest visions to life with unprecedented speed and ease.

So once you understand that artificial intelligence is just a sophisticated system for pattern recognition and generation, you will see that the possibilities are endless.

Right now in Rosebud AI we are working on a Game Dev Platform that will be able to animate sprites, create your own visual novel, give intelligence to an NPC, and a lot more. Join our waitlist to receive updates.

How to start creating game assets with PixelVibe AI

If you haven’t tried PixelVibe, just go to https://beta.pixelvibe.com/ or download the app and see what it can do for you.

The platform is quite intuitive and a friendly user interface, you only have to:

1. Select a model

AI generated game asset
Models for AI generated game assets

Define what kind of asset you need and the style that more suits you.

We have a varied list of AI models that includes Pixel Characters Full Body Sprites, Isometric Tiles, Cartoony Item, Pixel Art Icons, Epic Space Environments, Cozy Isometric Rooms and a lot more.

2. Write your prompt

Give a concise description.

It could be as simple as "cozy medieval tavern" for a background, or try some character design with something more detailed as "futuristic cyborg with neon blue accents". When it comes to image generation and generative AI, your imagination is the limit.

3. Choose a size and number of images you want to create

We recommend you start with the standard 512x512 and choose 4 variations, so you can have options that fit more closely into what you are imagining.

4. Modify

Once you have created the asset, you can refine the details.

PixelVibe offers you the “Re-Vibe” option for your creation. This means you can generate a new image by modifying selected areas on your original asset.

You can also remove the background for a transparent image to work with. And even pixelate to give it a more vintage look.

If you want to know more about how to generate video game assets, check this post.

Games created with PixelVibe, AI Game Asset Generator

At Rosebud AI, we've hosted several Game Jams where the unique challenge was to utilize assets generated by PixelVibe.

The resulting games were crafted in an impressively short time, showcasing not just the power of the tool, but the boundless imagination of our users.

Here are some standout games made possible through the creative application of PixelVibe:

shattered ground ai game

Shattered Ground

Shattered Ground is a mix between a top-down shooter and a point-and-click game. You play as a formidable dwarven warrior fighting against a swarm of lizard-like foes and other enemies while arrows and spells fly to your head.

Both enemies and the player character were made with the Pixel Character Full Body Sprites model, and the projectiles with the Pixel Icons model.

Stand your ground, swing and throw your hammers, and shatter your enemies to become the last dwarf standing in the arena. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Shattered Ground?

Play it here.

gastronomy ai generated game asset


Gastronomy whisks players into 'The Gastral Plane' to explore new planets through culinary crew chemistry. Experimenting with various pilot combinations unlocks unprecedented discoveries in this unique and engaging adventure.

AI-generated visuals immerse players in the vibrant universe. The game mechanics are smooth, and the narrative keeps players invested in their galactic mission.

Play it here.

ai created game

Helmets of Stars

Helmets of Stars is a sci-fi visual novel set in the Celestial Expanse, where you play as a space knight maintaining peace and stability.

The plot and dialogues were written by ChatGPT and the models used include Fantasy Aristocracy Portraits, Sci-Fi Helmets, Epic Space Environments, and Exoplanet Environments.

Play it here.

ai generated game detective dragon

Detective Dragon: The Case of the Missing Cookies

Using Cartoony Items and clever dialogues written by ChatGPT, Detective Dragon is a point-and-click adventure where you must unravel a tasty mystery.

You’ll meet memorable characters with distinctive traits that will guide you in the magical scenario of this delightful AI-crafted demo.

Play it here.

ai generated game kitchen frenzy blitz

Kitchen Frenzy Blitz

Kitchen Frenzy Blitz, a charming match-3 puzzle game, was created in just one week for the Cooking Game Jam by PixelVibe AI.

It combines addictive gameplay with delightful art style. The game pieces, base tile, background, and power-up icon seamlessly integrate various PixelVibe models, resulting in a cohesive and entertaining experience.

This compact, cooking-themed game excels in its well-crafted yet simple mechanics, offering players a fun and engaging challenge. If you enjoy both cooking and puzzle games, don't miss the chance to savor the delightful taste of Kitchen Frenzy Blitz.

Play it here.

ai generated game colorful fireballs

Colorful fireballs

Embark on an epically cute quest in 'Colorful Fireballs', guiding a young dragon using vibrant fireballs to rescue his parents from a king's challenges.

Popping bubbles, fending off trolls, and scaring rats, this game, designed with the Cartoony Items model is a journey of courage and reunion.

Play it here.

ai generated game princess okoku

Princess Okoku

Princess Okoku is a turn-based card game where you can explore cosmic landscapes and whimsical realms.

Join Princess Kaede in Althreisha, employing strategy card decks created using 'Cartoony Items' model and unique creature abilities.

Traverse environments generated using Exoplanet and Epic Space models, unlocking power-ups and secrets, in this vivid odyssey through a kingdom lost in space and time.

Play it here.

ai generated game asset happy trail

Happy Tails

Manage your pet's day, balancing between eating, walking, playing, and resting.

Happy Tails is a pet simulator created using the assets from the Cartoony Items and Pixel Icons models.

You can earn stars to unlock toys, minigames, and new pets to grow your collection. A delightful fusion of care, strategy, and fun, ideal for pet lovers and simulation game aficionados.

Play it here.

ai generated game volcano survivor

Volcano Survivor

You're a pixel jam hero and you have to survive for as long as possible, avoiding vertical and horizontal lava. A classic platformer with a high level of difficulty. Try and beat your best time!

Play it here.

Our game jams are announced on Itch.io -where we also have a collection of pre-generated assets packs available for free use - and on our Discord, which we highly recommend you follow us on for real-time updates about our generative AI.