April 1, 2023

AI Game Assets Generator: Game Dev's New Sidekick


As an indie game developer, you've probably faced the challenge of creating unique and consistent game assets while staying on schedule. It's time to meet your new sidekick: PixelVibe AI Game Assets Generator!

AI Game Asset Creator

Our platform is designed to help game devs and creatives speed up the game asset creation process, providing powerful features all in one flow.  You can generate game ready 2D assets from a variety of custom Artificial Intelligence models; create 360° skyboxes and panoramas; and do background removal.

Upcoming features include creating AI sprite animation, and automatic UV textures for 3D assets.

What's more important, we will soon be launching our AI Game Maker platform, where you'll be able to create video games through prompts: including both the assets and all the necessary code.

You can join our waitlist now and also our Discord to have the chance for early access.

In this blog post, we will dive deep into all the powerful features of PixelVibe and explain how you can leverage our AI game assets generator in your workflow. We’re also going to show a couple of future features in the end.

Ready to give it a try now? Our beta is at beta.pixelvibe.com.
AI 2D game asset generator

North Star

Our north star is to let game developers make games at the speed of thought! We’re building a platform that reduces the time from concept to a ready-to-play game. The PixelVibe asset creation beta plays an important role in guiding us towards this big goal.

PixelVibe AI Gaming Assets Powerful Features

On PixelVibe game developers can:

  1. Use Ready-to-Go Models
  2. Create Game Ready Assets in One Flow
  3. Train Bespoke Models (closed beta)
  4. Use API: AI-powered User Generated Content (closed beta)

1. Use Ready-to-Go Models

AI game assets generator

Let's dive deeper into our AI tool.

Our pre-trained models enable game developers to concept and create production-ready 2D assets like tiles, portraits, full-body sprites , 360° skyboxes, and a wide range of items created with generative AI.

Here is the list of all pre-trained AI models you can use right now to generate game assets:

Pixel Characters Full Body Sprites: Bring your pixel-perfect game cast to life with high-quality pixel art ai generator.
Fantasy Aristocracy Portraits: Stylize your fantasy races with Victorian-era aristocracy portraits for player characters or NPCs.
Pixel Pixie Portraits: Give your game a nostalgic touch with old-school pixel character portraits.
Realistic SkyBox: Enhance your game's atmosphere with top-selling, realistic skyboxes.
Isometric Tiles: Unleash your creativity with versatile isometric building blocks.
Cartoony Items: Brighten up your game with colorful, cartoony items.
Dresses: Showcase stylish dresses on mannequins for a touch of virtual high fashion.
Pixel Icons: Add pixel art icons for GUIs or props.
Prepared Food: Spice up your game with appetizing vector art meals and dishes.
Cooking Ingredients: Freshen up your game with detailed vector art food ingredients.
Exoplanets Environments: Immerse players in detailed, otherworldly exoplanet environments.
Epic Space Environments: Explore the cosmos with high-quality, awe-inspiring space environments.
Cozy Isometric Rooms: Create welcoming spaces with cozy isometric room designs.
Sci-Fi Helmets: Add a futuristic touch to your game's wardrobe with sci-fi helmets.

We're ICONIC (literally)

Building on Unity? To demonstrate how game ready our custom models are, we created 267 food and ingredients icons that have passed the moderation and are now available in Unity Assets Store:

  1. The Ultimate 267 Cooking Ingredients & Prepared Dishes Food Icons Pack
  2. 67 Cooking Ingredients & Prepared Dishes Food Icons Pack

1. Run ManyWorlds for instant skybox generation

Explore the dynamic realm of ManyWorlds that showcases the use of our skyboxes API.  Our API outputs skyboxes on demand so you can generate instant 360-view scenes, skyboxes, or VR experiences with ease. HDR coming soon!

How to use ManyWorlds:

  1. Type a description to render a new scene.
  2. Wait for it to generate.
  3. Download your panorama by clicking on “Download” icon in the left corner.

Interested in API? Register here.

2. Train Bespoke Models

friendly interface

Train bespoke models and develop unique IP with our AI image generator platform. We can get custom AI game assets generator models up and running with just 10-20 training images and set it up in half an hour. At the moment we are testing this in closed beta.

3. Use API: AI-powered User Generated Content

friendly interface game creator

Provide custom infra and APIs for bespoke UGC in game creation for players. For example, our current projects include user avatar generation for AAA studios, NPC avatar generation for solo game developers, and collectible rooms generation for indie game studios and other players of the gaming industry. At the moment we are testing this in closed beta.

4. Game Ready Assets in One Flow

We've designed a smooth asset creation and iteration experience with these additional features:

Transparent Backgrounds

AI game assets generator

Enable transparent backgrounds to ensure your assets blend seamlessly into any game environment.

Resizing Made Easy

AI game assets generator

With just a few clicks, resize your assets as needed to achieve the perfect proportions for your game's unique realms.

Pixel Art AI Generator

AI game assets generator

Transform modern, high-resolution images into charming pixel art with pixel AI art generator.


Update and revibe your game asset creation to meet the ever-changing demands of your gaming universe.

AI Tools Coming Soon

Sprites Animation Generator

Stay tuned for our AI Sprite Sheet Generator, designed to streamline the animation process for game developers:

  1. Describe your character.
  2. Select “Animation”: idle, walking, running, hurt, attack.
  3. Select “Art Style”.
  4. Export in a suitable format, as a sprite sheet or a GIF.

Textures for 3D model, or text-to-texture

Easily generate high-quality seamless textures from any text, adding a personalized touch to your game art while enhancing the overall visual appeal. Transform your gaming projects with a limitless array of customized textures, tailored to fit your unique art direction.

Try Beta

We're thrilled to share PixelVibe AI Game Assets Generator Public Beta with fellow game developers who are passionate about making games and embracing this AI image generator. By using our beta, you'll have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback, and shape the future of AI-generated game assets.

Don't miss out on the chance to level up your game development process thanks to generative AI.

Begin creating assets using natural language at beta.pixelvibe.com