November 6, 2023

AI Game Idea Generator: Using Rosebud to Get Inspiration and Build Your Game

Stuck wondering where your next game idea will come from?

With Rosebud, you can turn your creative block into a flow of ideas that quickly becomes a game you can play and share.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to develop your basic game ideas into unique concepts that reflect your personal artistic style and tastes.

Just like with other AI platforms like ChatGPT, the more you chat with Rosebud, the better it gets, so get ready to dive deep into infinite possibilities of game development ideas.

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What is Rosebud, and how can you use it to generate game ideas?

Rosebud is an AI-powered platform where you can create video games, share and play instantly. Simply enter a prompt, and Rosebud will generate the code for you. This means you can prototype, iterate, and publish your creation at high speed.

At Rosebud, we offer three main game types: 3D, 2D, and Voxel. We use Babylon.js for 3D games, Phaser for 2D games, and Noa for Voxel games.

What's fascinating about Rosebud is that it not only writes the code, but it can also be used as a brainstorming partner to generate random game ideas.

Here we tell you how:

1. Get simple game ideas from simple prompts

The most straightforward way to generate ideas is, quite simply, to ask for them.

Rosebud enables you to pull game concepts with just a simple prompt.

Rosebud AI: Game Idea Generator

For instance, with the prompt "Give me 3 easy-to-make game ideas for 2D”, Rosebud provided three 2D game suggestions using Phaser.js and pre-generated assets.

The ideas included a game where the player needs to keep a bouncing logo from falling off the screen, and two games with the same mechanic of dodging obstacles, but with different characters and settings.

2. Generate ideas from your own game assets

If you already have a theme in mind or a specific visual style you'd like for your game, you can utilize our game asset generator to craft the initial elements and then use them as references to get a new idea for objectives and mechanics.

In this case, I requested it to generate a "Science lab," a "scientist” in Pixel Art, and a "green potion” also in Pixel Art.

Game Asset Generator

Afterward, I went to the chat and asked for ideas using these assets: "Give me 3 game ideas using the assets 'science lab', 'scientist', and 'green potion'".

Game ideas with assets

Following this input, Rosebud created three imaginative game ideas: navigate a lab in "Elixir Quest", escape threats in "Lab Escape", and solve a potion theft in "Mystery Of The Green Potion".

3. Start from a game that already exists

Want to test your development skills with an idea that already works, but by giving it a new twist?

You can achieve this by simply mentioning the game in a prompt, and Rosebud will understand.

Here we began with Angry Birds, and the platform gave us very interesting suggestions based on our asset list: from power-ups and bonuses to a much more ambitious multiplayer mode.

4. Start from a game genre

Perhaps you don’t have a theme or aesthetic, but you do have a game genre you want to explore.

In this case, I asked for a simple platformer game and Rosebud wrote these three ideas. Right away, I asked it to design the mechanics for the first idea, and it began putting all the pieces together:

platformer game ideas

5. Get specific ideas based on detailed parameters

If you're looking for a more detailed game idea, you can craft a prompt with added context.

I incorporated parameters like genre, setting, primary mechanic, and objective for a comprehensive response. The outcome was an RPG-style game with the goal of collecting magical items.

fantasy game generator

Why wait for inspiration when Rosebud AI can help you spark that new game idea? Secure your spot on the waitlist and let your new idea flourish and come alive in an instant.

You can also join the Rosebud AI Discord community to brainstorm, get insights, and stay updated with our latest developments.

We also have been hosting live sessions twice a month where we engage directly with our users, showcase our platform, and provide a space for feedback and live Q&A. Don’t miss these opportunities to connect and grow with our community.