June 23, 2023

How to use our AI Pixel Art Generator to create game assets

Have you been using Midjourney to generate AI pixel art assets for your next game?

If so, you're already one step ahead in the game development process of the future!

Utilizing AI tools is already an excellent practice for enhancing your workflow. In the coming years, it will be nearly mandatory to know how to prompt, fine-tune, and choose those specific art generators that can simplify your work.

Midjourney is a great option, but if you're looking for an alternative with features specifically designed for indie video game developers, then you should explore our AI pixel art generator: PixelVibe.

In this post we will show you some examples of the things you can build using PixelVibe and the pixel art models we provide for you to level-up your game designing and other creative projects.

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What can PixelVibe do for me?

Whether you're developing an RPG, a top-down shooter, a platformer, or any other kind of game, game asset creation can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Especially if you are not very design-skilled, and even more if you are working with pixel art.

Pixel art is a highly demanding style, where every pixel and every square influences the experience of the player.

Pixels form characters, items, backgrounds, and the whole aesthetic of your game world; and even if players don't notice it explicitly, they'll sense something off if your game's style isn't consistent.

And that's where Artificial Intelligence generators come into play.

PixelVibe, our AI pixel art generator, offers you different features to bring your game visions to life with less effort. With PixelVibe you can:

  • Generate game ready 2D assets from a variety of custom AI models.
  • Do background removal.
  • Re-vibing outputs (creating similar variations).
  • Transform high-resolution images into pixel art.

This is designed so you can focus your time on other aspects of your game, and better develop the skills that really interest you (like storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and even music and sound).

The art styles of the game assets generated by PixelVibe is unique and based on your specifications. In this way, your game will have a consistent, engaging aesthetic that improves the player experience.

Our Pixel Art maker has a free trial version with free credits to generate up up to 10 generations per day, and we also have a Standard Plan and a Pro Plan that may adjust better to your creative projects. Check our subscriptions here and download the mobile app here.

Pixel Art AI models you can use on PixelVibe

Right now, PixelVibe offers 15 models for generating assets, of which 3 are specifically focused on creating pieces in Pixel Art style:

  • Pixel Characters Full Body Sprites: Very useful for creating sprites of your main character or NPCs that adapt to any mechanics you want to explore.
  • Pixel Pixie Portraits: Pixelated images of fantastic characters, ideal for giving a vintage and retro style to the aesthetics of your game.
  • Pixel Icons: Level-up the props, GUI, items, and iconography that permeate your game with these small but detailed pixel icons.

With enough imagination, clever text prompts, and proper use of the app, you can get aesthetically varied, simple, and stunning pixel art images.

At Rosebud AI, we have hosted some game jams where creators had to use these models, and the results have been more than surprising. Here you can review some of the games that have used PixelVibe for their visual design.

If you feel out of ideas, the models themselves offer you some example prompts for unique pixel art images; but if you still need help, here we share others that might be useful to you:

Examples of Pixel Art Creation

Pixel Art Character Portraits

These old-school pixel character portraits will evoke a sense of nostalgia on your players and create a retro-ambiance for your game. As you see, the AI art generator can create medieval heroes, allies, villains, and any character you need to enhance your narrative:

Prompts: "Wizard", "Lady Vampire", "Beautiful Elf".

Pixel Art Weapons and Icons

Want to give a clearer look to your items screen? The Pixel Art maker can help you create a varied gallery of objects that your main character will carry. This is a great model for a better UI experience:

Prompts: "Hammer", "Shield", "Sword".

Pixel Characters Full Body Sprites

Are you building a platformer, a fighting game, or an adventure game? These unique pixel art sprites suits for almost any game genre that you are working on. Soon you’ll be able to animate them in our AI game development platform, and you can join the waitlist here.

Prompts: "Golden Pharaoh", "Dark Fairy", "Samurai".

Explore Pixelation with Our Community

We'd love to see what stunning pixel art you are creating with this free AI image generator, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Discord channel.

Our powerful tool opens up a world of possibilities for image generation needs, and we encourage you to test it out for yourself. Remember, with a bit of creativity and the right AI tools, the pixelated world of your dreams is within your reach.

Happy game designing!