May 18, 2023

Can AI generate an entire video game? - Rosebud AI at Cerebral Valley

Can AI create video games? At Rosebud AI we are aiming for that!

Hear Lisha Li, CEO of Rosebud AI, talk about it at this panel of Cerebral Valley AI Summit 2023, a gathering for founders and investors in AI:

can ai generate a video game?

Even before the boom of generative AI tools, we have been working on an AI powered collaborator for video game developers and enthusiasts: pixel art images, sprite generation, assets with transparent backgrounds…

Everything with just a few clicks!

Now, we want to make it possible for creators to design a fully AI generated video game, from the initial concept to the final product.

Without having to write code, just with text prompt and an AI chat specialized in game creation.

Watch the panel to find out how we're working to be the ideal assistant for indie developers and anyone who want to express their creative potential through video games.

You can also click here if you want to test our beta for generating your game assets with Artificial Intelligence, and leave us your comments on our Discord.