December 7, 2023

What is Phaser JS? - Learn to master it with AI

Phaser JS is a free and open source framework for creating 2D games that can run in any web browser.

Its rich documentation and active community makes it a perfect choice for game developers looking to leverage JavaScript and HTML5. Since it’s simple and also powerful, creators can rapidly go from prototype to full-scale game.

In this post, we'll guide you through the possibilities it offers to bring your projects to life. Keep reading to discover more!

Is Phaser good for game development?

If you want to craft engaging games that can run in web browsers, then this is the game framework you are looking for. Let's dive into its amazing features:

  • The fact that Phaser JS is not only free but also open-source means that you're joining a world where creativity isn't limited by price tags.
  • Phaser's developer-friendly API is a game-changer. It's designed to be intuitive, meaning you won't get lost in complex code.
  • Phaser's have speed and flexibility that can handle the most complex rendering and physics. It allows you to create games that run smoothly, no matter how intense the action gets.
  • The community around Phaser is large and supportive. Members actively share their creations on Discord and assist each other in troubleshooting issues.

As you can see, Phaser JS is a blend of simplicity and power, perfectly balancing the worlds of game design and web development. And the best part? Learning and mastering Phaser is now easier than ever, thanks to the advancements in AI.

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How to learn Phaser JS using AI

For beginners venturing into the world of game development, Phaser JS is an ideal starting point, especially when paired with the innovative capabilities of our AI platform, Rosebud.

With Rosebud you simply describe your vision in a prompt, and Rosebud generates the corresponding code, offers clear explanations and instant application, allowing you to see your game ideas come to life and share them immediately.

This approach aligns perfectly with the needs of newcomers to game development, as it offers an intuitive and educational experience. With Phaser's simplicity and Rosebud's AI-driven assistance, diving into game creation is now more accessible than ever before.

Create your first Phaser game using Rosebud

Are you still unsure about using Phaser for your game development project?

Our platform offers the perfect solution to test it without any downloads or installations. You can dive right into the Phaser framework directly online through our Rosebud platform. As of now, we have a waiting list for new users, but once you're in, it's as simple as creating a project and beginning creating.

To give you a taste of the simplicity of Rosebud, let's look at an example where we're creating a clicker game using characters from the web series Skibidi Toilet.

In this dialogue with our AI, I requested assistance to create a clicker game. The AI responded by guiding me through the process of transforming the static asset into an interactive sprite that reacts to clicks:

phaser js game dev process

The result was successful but it had the issue of affecting the whole scene.

To fix that, it was necessary another simple prompt:

learning phaser js process

This is where Phaser's flexibility really shines. Although Phaser 3 doesn't come with a built-in method to shake a single sprite, the AI showed me how to work around this by suggesting the use of Phaser's tweens.

After that, it was the moment of replacing the generic background with the specific one that I uploaded specifically for the game:

phaser js game development

The AI's instructions were clear and straightforward, allowing for an easy update of the game's scenery. And even though this is still a work in progress, you can see the results here.

This is a perfect demonstration of how even beginners can handle game objects and scene management effectively with Rosebud. With each interaction, I didn’t only achieve my goal but also learn about the flow of web game development, from preloading assets to rendering them in the game world.

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Games built with Phaser

One of the most notable examples of a hit game created with the Phaser framework is 'Vampire Survivors'.

This game has captivated players with its unique blend of roguelike and bullet hell mechanics, offering an addictive and challenging gameplay experience. Its initial development in Phaser showcases the framework's capability to support engaging games.

At Rosebud we are also building games with the potential and versatility and potential of Phaser. Take a look at our creations so far:

Rosebud Baskets: Click your way through a series of coordinated slam dunks with arcade physics.

Memory Match: Our community member and early tester Csmisko has created this cute Memory Match using the Phaser framework to create the mechanics and our asset generator to make the visuals.

Frog Runner: We crafted this adorable frog hopping through an infinite adventure. Every asset, the backdrop, and even the game mechanics are all powered by Rosebud AI.

Neon Dream Waltz: More than a 2D game, this is an interactive experience of vibrant visuals and music that you can arrange the way you prefere.

Match-3: A classic puzzle-html5 game where you move the pieces of a board to gain points.

Neon Pong: Move your paddle in this classic and simple game with a little bit of neon.

So, what's stopping you?

Whether you're an experienced developer or someone just starting out in web game development, the Phaser framework is the right place to transform your concepts into reality. And Rosebud's AI integration takes this a step further, simplifying the process.

Join our community in Discord and let's start building together; the very creator of Phaser, Richard Davey (known by his nickname 'photon storm'), is a member of our community! Your next great adventure is only a prompt away.