June 12, 2024

Engage Students with Unblocked Games for Schools from Rosebud

Games can play a crucial role in enhancing learning experiences.

Unfortunately, many schools block access to certain games. What's even worse, they also block access to AIs like ChatGPT to prevent students from cheating on their assignments.

At Rosebud, we want to address this by offering the possibility to integrate both artificial intelligence and video games into a comprehensive educational experience.

Our game creation platform allows you to create games just by chatting with Rosie, our AI assistant. If you have a game idea, you can tell Rosie to provide the code for it and also explains how it works.

And since it’s so easy to create games, our community has generated a substantial catalog of games that students and educators from any school can easily access, providing entertaining and educational options that educators can also find useful.

Keep reading this blog post to discover these games and learn how you can become part of the Rosebud community to further explore the integration of education, games, and AI.

Unlocking the Educational Potential of Games

Educators tend to worry about distractions and inappropriate content that could interfere with students' education. That’s why many schools block access to games to maintain a focused and controlled learning environment.

However, integrating gaming in education brings numerous benefits.

Games can make learning more engaging and enjoyable, and lead to critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Especially if they require players to strategize, make decisions, and solve complex problems

They can also foster collaboration and teamwork. Multiplayer games and cooperative challenges encourage students to work together, communicate effectively, and build social skills.

But undoubtedly, one of the most essential skills for today is becoming familiar with artificial intelligence. That's why our AI platform provides personalized feedback when creating, making coding education more tailored and effective.

Explore Rosebud's Catalog: Games for Every Educational Need

At Rosebud, we have a wide range of games to support educational processes across different fields of study, but also a lot of casual and entertaining games.

Our catalog includes precision and strategy games that focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, narrative games where storytelling is combined with interactive elements, and chatbot games where you can let your imagination run free by talking to AI-powered characters, among others.

This selection is just a sample of the games created by our users. To see the full collection, click here. We add new games every week!

Precision and Strategy


A 2D platformer where you navigate through multiple levels freezing moving platforms to reach the goal.

Use A and D to move side to side, W to jump, R to retry the level, and Left Mouse Click to fire your freeze ray in the direction of your cursor

Play It Here.


Think two steps ahead as you dash in and out of safety to rack up points, and feel the thrill of being "in the zone".

You have only one dash to reach the blue square. Reach a target to score a point and reset your dash. The pink square is the safe zone. After each dash, the safe zone will move. Reach the safe zone to reset your dash, and keep playing.

Use the left mouse click to dash to your cursor, and space to retry

Play It Here.

Toaster Taunt

A Survival game where you make a bread do a flip over a toaster to get a point and collect stars. Be careful of the toasters and their crumbs; there is no way to defeat them.

Play It Here.


A retro-styled, ASCII-based shooter game where you control a character represented by the "@" symbol. The objective is to shoot and eliminate zombie characters represented by the "O" symbol while avoiding being hit by them.

Move with WASD and shoot with arrow keys, and don’t get your suit compromised!

Play It Here.

Fun and casual games

Pixel Cataclysm

A pixel-style top-down shooter. It has 3 difficulty modes, swarms of enemies, score screen, background music, sound effects—all made with Rosebud AI.

Play It Here.

Trench Run

Trench Run is based on the classic Death Star trench run from Star Wars.

The objective of the game is to pilot an X-wing fighter through a trench while avoiding enemy TIE fighters and turbolaser fire, and ultimately fire a proton torpedo into the exhaust port to destroy the Death Star.

Play It Here.

AI or Real

A simple and interactive guessing game where the player needs to determine whether an image was generated by an AI or is a stock photo.

Play It Here.

Seaside Spectrum

Test your ability to quickly identify and click on the correct color and shape combinations while managing their strikes.

The score increases for each correct shape clicked, and the shapes gradually become smaller, making the game more challenging as it progresses.

Play It Here.

Remember that you can also discover new games by subscribing to our YT channel:

Narrative Games


Simply learn about fermentation from a talking jar of kimchi.

Chat with the jar and enjoy the beautiful background, cute characters, and immersive music.

Play It Here.

Evening’s Embrace

An interactive and scary visual novel where you can explore the evening of a child who is terrified of going to bed.

Play It Here.

Fall Boy

A side-scrolling adventure where you control a small character trying to escape a nightmare by collecting bikes. You have various levels with different difficulties.

Play It Here.

Legend of Questext

A text-based adventure where you explore different zones. Each zone has visible information and secret information that you can discover by chatting with the AI.

Play It Here.

Language Learning, History and Literature

Assisted Charade

A multiplayer game where you take turns to guess other players secret words based on AI-generated riddles.

Choose your name, avatar, and a difficult word. Which one are you going to choose?

Play It Here.

World Language Enthusiast

Explore the world with Elana Cruz, a polyglot language teacher who speaks Spanish, French, German, and Latin fluently.

Learn from her interactive teaching methods, master languages and explore cultures in a whole new way.

Play It Here.

Declaring Independence: A Continental Congress Simulation

The game is set in July 1776, during the American Revolution.

The player takes on the role of a first-time legislator, recently graduated from college and an expert in modern enlightenment thinking.

You need to decide if the British government has violated the Colonists natural rights, and determine if independence should be declared. What will you do?

Play It Here.

Village Scholars

This is a conversation and exploration game set in a town called "Village Scholars". You control a character that can walk around the town and approach different non-player characters (NPCs) to initiate conversations with them.

The main goal is to interact with the NPCs, who are academics and experts in different fields such as technology, engineering, history, culture, and science.

Each NPC has their own personality and specialized knowledge, and the player can learn from them by engaging in conversations. Discover them just by chatting!

Play It Here.

STEM Games and AI Character bots

Tiki Time: Mental Math

Accept the challenge of the monk seal, solve math problems to progress through rounds and earn points.

These math problems involve basic arithmetic operations with increasing difficulty as the rounds progress.

Play It Here.

Helen - The AI Professor

Helen is an AI chatbot that tries to emulate basic emotions to keep the player engaged.

She is an AI expert that engages the player by asking pop-quiz questions occasionally. Helen will be usually cheerful, occasionally thoughtful.

The mood is indicated by the character image, but be careful, she can get annoyed if you get cheeky.

Play It Here.

BrainTrainer™ (Mr. STEM - AI Educator)

BrainTrainer™ is an all-encompassing educational experience meant to inspire the pursuit of knowledge in anyone, while Mr. STEM, the in-house AI Educator, relates lesson(s) to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math and crafts interactive experiences.

It not only helps teachers guide classes but also aids students in by learning their names and interests.

Play It Here.


Join this tech-savvy superhero who’s revolutionizing AI and sustainable energy from her lab.

She loves Ms. Pacman and cracking dad jokes along the way.

Play It Here.

Educators' Experiences Using Rosebud to Create Games

We're passionate about unlocking the potential of learning through innovative games and AI. We recently participated in the Week of AI, an online event for educators, where we hosted a game jam with numerous submissions focused on education.

You can check out the amazing educational games created during this event here.

We also have a vibrant community on Discord with a dedicated channel for education. Join us to connect with fellow educators, share experiences, and discover new ways to integrate gaming into your teaching.

If you're aiming to enrich your classroom with interactive learning tools or are curious about the latest in educational technology, we're here to help you on that journey.