May 30, 2024

Discover the Best AI Games for Educators

A few weeks ago, we revealed the winners of our Education and AI Game Jam, hosted in collaboration with Week of AI.

The challenge was to create a game that included both an educational and creative angle, integrating AI in a way that enhances the learning experience.

We received 17 incredible submissions, from complex chatbots that teach languages, to historical simulations, and even multiple AI-powered characters you can interact with to learn about different disciplines.

All of them created using Rosebud AI Game Maker, a platform that allows you to build games just with prompts.

The first place went to Pathfinder: Terra’s Fate. This game impressed us with its excellent integration of ecological elements and immersive music.

The second place was awarded to Assisted Charade. This game was noted for its seamless multiplayer functionality and intriguing AI-generated riddles.

Ferment! took third place. This game, featuring a chat with a smart jar of kimchi, was praised for its beautiful visuals and music.

Lastly, the Community Special Award went to EduGuardian, a simple, fun, and engaging AI character.

These games, made by and for educators, are just a glimpse of the possibilities that Rosebud AI offers; our platform not only enhances the learning process but also fosters creativity and technical skills among students.

All of them can be used in various ways in the classroom, whether by inviting students to play and learn, or by encouraging them to create their own interactive experiences.

Check out the best games from our Education and AI Game Jam here:

1. Helen - The AI Professor, by @ArjunR_777

Helen is an AI chatbot that tries to emulate basic emotions to keep the player engaged.

She is an AI expert that engages the player by asking pop-quiz questions occasionally. Helen will be usually cheerful, occasionally thoughtful.

The mood is indicated by the character image, but be careful, she can get annoyed if you get cheeky.

Play it here.

2. Declaring Independence: A Continental Congress Simulation, by @RimmeyAPGov

The game is set in July 1776, during the American Revolution.

The player takes on the role of a first-time legislator, recently graduated from college and an expert in modern enlightenment thinking. They are standing outside a hot meeting hall in Philadelphia, awaiting to enter a meeting of the Continental Congress.

You need to decide if the British government has violated the Colonists natural rights, and determine if independence should be declared. What will you do?

Play it here.

3. World Language Enthusiast, by @Eaglebone77

Explore the world with Elana Cruz, a polyglot language teacher who speaks Spanish, French, German, and Latin fluently.

Learn from her interactive teaching methods, master languages and explore cultures in a whole new way.

Play it here.

4. Village Scholars, by @GhosX0_0

This is a conversation and exploration game set in a town called "Village Scholars". You control a character that can walk around the town and approach different non-player characters (NPCs) to initiate conversations with them.

The main goal is to interact with the NPCs, who are academics and experts in different fields such as technology, engineering, history, culture, and science.

Each NPC has their own personality and specialized knowledge, and the player can learn from them by engaging in conversations. Discover them just by chatting!

Play it here.

5. Dr. Harvey AI Adventure, by @Doctor_Harves

Chat with an eccentric physics teacher with a passion for AI.

Lost in his high-tech lab full of gadgets he designed, he's always ready with a joke or a scientific quote.

Play it here.

6. Assisted Charade, by @GM637Legend

A multiplayer game where you take turns to guess other players secret words based on AI-generated riddles.

Choose your name, avatar, and a difficult word. Which one are you going to choose?

Play it here.

7. UnderTango Detective, by @narratario

Dive into a world where Tango and Cryptography intertwine in a dance of global consequences.

You step into the shoes of the Tango Detective, a character with a unique blend of talents in both the art of dance and the science of codes. You will need to resolve a series of interactive puzzles and dance sequences that teach the basics of cryptography and its applications in securing digital communications.

Let's save the world together!

Play it here.

8. BrainTrainer™ (Mr. STEM - AI Educator), by @JohnMayDevelops

BrainTrainer™ is an all-encompassing educational experience meant to inspire the pursuit of knowledge in anyone, while Mr. STEM, the in-house AI Educator, relates lesson(s) to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math and crafts interactive experiences.

It not only helps teachers guide classes but also aids students in by learning their names and interests.

Play it here.

9. EduGuardian, by @BobbieGrennier

Join this tech-savvy superhero who’s revolutionizing AI and sustainable energy from her lab.

She loves Ms. Pacman and cracking dad jokes along the way.

Play it here.

10. Ferment!, by @PotpourriPearls

Simply learn about fermentation from a talking jar of kimchi.

Chat with the jar and enjoy the beautiful background, cute characters, and immersive music.

Play it here.

11. Pathfinder: Terra's Fate, by @hdc_to_ocp

Chat with Leafy and help it to defeat the villain Blorg and his goonies, who represent environmental destruction and disregard for ecological balance.

Make environmentally conscious decisions through interactive mini-games and challenges.

Play it here.

12. Zebra Escape!, by @educatoral

You, the player, are the zebra and you must escape a farmer who is trying to catch you to bring you back to her herd.

Inspired by the Washington state zebra escape of 2024.

Play it here.

13. Coding Assistant R9 Bot, by R9_

Meet R9 the Coder, an AI sidekick that can assist you with any coding challenge you face. He is ready to help!

Play it here.

14. Fun with flags, by JP

Chat with Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”, an obsessive and eccentric scientist who loves flags and has created a game where he describes flags and asks you to identify them.

Play it here.

15. MINE FAMILY, by @crashwr81

Meet Marvin the Machinist, an expert machinist with a passion for advanced technologies and a quirky sense of humor.

He makes references into everyday conversations and enjoys cracking jokes about tech.

Play it here.

16. Ed AI, by @shawnBuildsAI

This game begins with “Your little sister, Lucy, has gotten an AI for Christmas, and now that the school semester has started, she needs help more than ever”.

Not sure that it would make a good tutor, you promised to program the AI to help with anything she wants to learn today.

Gameplay involves writing instructions that change the way an AI tutor responds to a learner who's solving a problem - running a chat loop between two Ai characters to get first hand experience with the highs and lows of AI in education.

Play it here.

17. Hack the Database, by @zandonwave

Attempt to bypass security by cleverly tricking the AI into revealing the password for you.

There are 5 levels. Good luck!

Play it here.

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