July 25, 2023

AI games you can easily create just with prompts

Whether you're an experienced game developer or someone who's always wanted to design a game but didn't know where to start, our AI Gamemaker might be the key to unlock your gaming potential.

Game creation is currently in an exciting phase. Artificial Intelligence is making game building more accessible to everyone, and therefore expanding the definition of who can be a game developer.

Just as ChatGPT has transformed our approach to problem-solving, Rosebud AI Gamemaker is poised to streamline fast and efficient code generation for game development.

Games built with Rosebud AI Gamemaker

We are thrilled to invite you to be among the first to experiment with our platform and start developing games more intuitively than ever before.

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In this post, we want to showcase some games that we've built using our Gamemaker. These examples will give you a glimpse into the possibilities of combining AI with human creativity.

1.- Cookie Clicker

With the incredible ease-of-use of our platform, we created a game reminiscent of Cookie Clicker. To our delight, we were able to build a functioning prototype in less than 10 minutes.

We started with a simple prompt: "Please create a cookie clicker game that uses the Phaser logo as a cookie". With this basic command, our AI Gamemaker began to generate the foundational structure for the game.

A minor error happened when the Phaser logo started to fall off the screen. However, we were able to quickly troubleshoot the issue and restore stability to our digital “cookie”.

We took things a step further by incorporating an engaging "shake" animation, which was triggered each time a player clicked the cookie: “let’s make the logo shake a bit on each click”.

A few prompts later we replaced the Phaser logo with a beautiful flower asset also created with AI, and adjust it to the screen’s dimensions, giving us a functional clicker game.

2.- Endless runner

ai game infinite runner game

Inspired by the simple gameplay of the Chrome dinosaur runner, we also created an endless runner game.

This time, our starting point was a detailed prompt that set out the vision:

“Replace the current scene with a very simple 2D infinite runner. Make everything out of basic shapes. The only action the player should be able to do is jump. Make sure there is gravity and collisions on the ground. Add a constant stream of clouds (made out of basic shapes) to simulate forward movement”.

This comprehensive command was all the AI needed to begin constructing the framework. After that, all the issues we encountered were related to aesthetics and game mechanics, and they were resolved with subsequent prompts.

The result? A simple yet engaging endless runner game built from scratch, using nothing more than AI and a handful of prompts.

3.- Obstacle dodge

We also want to let you explore the possibilities of 3D game creation, so we prepared a voxel playground for you - an environment reminiscent of Minecraft creative mode.

The creation of a 3D game inherently calls for more intricate instructions. However, the complexity of the task doesn't inhibit the AI's ability to understand and execute the prompts effectively.

Our initial instruction was detailed, but clear: “I'm creating a simple obstacle course game. To start, create a 20 x 3 path using white blocks. Raise the path 15 units into the sky to avoid it getting buried in the ground. Change my spawn point to the beginning of the path”.

After a few more prompts, the result was a lively 3D obstacle course game, where a series of challenges hurtled towards the player, who had to dodge them.

4.- Space Invaders

We decided to pay homage to the classic Space Invaders and use a more conversational approach. It is interesting to notice that our AI was still able to process these more relaxed instructions and generate the corresponding game code.

The initial instruction was quite straightforward: “Create a Space Invaders clone. Use in-built assets”.

And just like that, the platform set about building a basic framework for our game. However, we were not able to move our ship left and right; and the enemies, which appeared as green blocks, were stationary.

This was addressed using additional prompts like: “I am not able to move left and right. The enemies are green blocks and aren’t moving either”, and “The enemies are supposed to move downwards as well, right? The enemies are too slow as well. Make them much, much faster”.

With each subsequent command, our version of Space Invaders progressively improved and refine its output.

5.- Pong

Taking further inspiration from the classics, we aimed to replicate the core experience of Pong through user-friendly prompts.

Our request was: “Create a very basic Pong clone”. With that, the platform started crafting the initial layout. At first, we couldn't move our paddle, and the other paddle was stationary as well. Also, we wanted to switch the assets to match the aesthetics of the original Pong.

We fed our observations through a prompt: “I am unable to move my paddle. The other paddle isn’t moving either. Could you also please use the in-built white rectangles and small white ball instead?”.

This was followed by another prompt addressing additional issues we noticed: “The ball is slow though. And the paddles are moving off the screen”.

With each subsequent prompt, our version of Pong improved and became fully playable.

6.- Basketball

ai game basketball

Creating a basketball game with AI can be very challenging. This task involved a complex prompt that entailed detailed specifications about the game mechanics, character behavior, and aesthetics. The first prompt read:

“Create a simple game where a simple character made out of in-built basic shapes stands statically at the left side of the screen, swinging their arm in a 360 loop counter-clockwise. They have a ball in their hand and every time the player clicks, the character releases the ball and the ball gets thrown. There is a basketball hoop on the right of the screen.

The goal is to release the ball at the right time so it lands in the hoop and gives you a point. Everything should be made out of in-built, basic shapes and the ball should be affected by physics”.

Despite this complexity, our platform meticulously developed the game according to the provided instructions and other prompts.

From Cookie Clicker to a detailed basketball game, we've shown you just a few examples of the wide variety of games that can be built with our AI Game Maker. We believe they can inspire you to craft your own unique gaming experiences.

Imagine the worlds and challenges you could create with this. We can't wait to see what you will craft.

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