May 18, 2023

The State of AI for Game Development - Rosebud AI at Arize: Observe

Creating images with AI is quite easy right now. 

But what if you want to specialize and generate a more specific kind of image? Like a video game asset, for example?

Lisha Li, CEO of Rosebud AI, addressed this issue at Arize:Observe 2023, a conference on the intersection of large language models, generative AI, deep learning, and machine learning observability in the era of LLMops. 

Along with Paul Li, CEO of EasyCode; Peter Mangan, Founder of PromptLoop; and Michael Louis, CEO of Cerebrium; Lisha talked about the state of AI for game development and how it has changed until now.

Watch the conversation here:

Enhancing the Video Game Creation Pipeline with Generative AI

During the discussion, Lisha explained the need of surpassing the users expectations and specialize in pushing the boundaries of generative Artificial Intelligence applied to game development. 

Also, she highlighted the shift in branding from "synthetic media" to "generative AI", stating that we are at the forefront of this transition, and that embracing AI tools will provide a significant productivity boost to creators and developers.

The Importance of Community in AI-Powered Game Development

When building an AI tool for gaming enthusiasts, It is important to provide enough freedom and flexibility to ensure creativity thrives, she added.

It is not just about supporting developers who have deep experience with game design and the game industry; it is also about welcoming new people who want to create games and that can do it now because they have access to a creative tool that surpasses more than just one person's skills. 

At Rosebud AI, we are actively growing a community of creators who are eager to build amazing things. If you want to be a part of it, come and join our Discord server.