April 3, 2024

JP, Rosebud Beta Tester: “Just feel the joy of creating your game with the help of AI”

JP has worked in IT for over two decades, and has been a gamer for over three. 

“Even though I have not worked as a developer, I have worked with hundreds of them, mainly as an IT Project Manager”, he states.

He has also experience as a game producer. This, combined with the countless hours of playing games, has given him a solid foundation to start creating on his own as one of the first Beta Testers for the Rosebud Game Maker Platform.

Pixel Cataclysm, his first game, is a fun pixel-style top-down shooter. It has 3 difficulty modes, swarms of enemies, score screen, background music, and even sound effects.

However, his aspiration is to create even more complex games with the help of Rosebud. “Also would be great to have a way of monetizing it. Why not make your passion also a source of income?”, he reflects, thinking about the potential of our platform.

Unlocking the Learning Curve of Rosebud AI

JP got access to Rosebud through one of our Community Streams, a bi-weekly event where we talk to game creators and showcase their games that we host on Discord.

To understand how Rosebud works, he created a simple horizontally scrolling space shooter. “I would say the most challenging part was getting used to not always having all the code updated automatically”, he mentions, referring to the initial errors the platform had.

However, after several attempts, he managed to figure out how to communicate with Rosie: “For me, it took me a little longer to adapt to Rosebud, but once I understood the full potential of the tool I was super cool”.

“I would say one of the most important lessons is to take time before you write the prompt. Think what is the best way to request what you want the AI to produce”, he recommends to new users. 

The Challenge of Pixel Cataclysm

Once he had mastered the art of communicating with the AI, JP began working on his first major project: Pixel Cataclysm.

“When I saw A new kat in town and I saw that I could use sprites, I said ‘let’s do that’”, he told us during our Community Stream. “I started working on a roguelike, and then got excited and kept working on it”.

It took him three days to have the general structure of the game, and then a few more days where the process slowed down. All in all, in just one week, he had a completely functional and highly entertaining game.

Pixel Cataclysm is so detailed that even its Game Over screen shows you relevant stats from your session, such as how long you played and the enemies you killed.

However, JP revealed that the game isn't endless—it has an ending for those skilled enough to survive the swarms of enemies.

The joy of creating games with AI

As JP delves deeper into the world of game creation with Rosebud, he highlights the importance of learning: “Read the docs or watch the intro video that tells you how the tool works, and then make your own first game”. 

Regarding what can be created, he recommends: “It does not have to be anything fancy, just feel the joy of creating your game with the help of AI”.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or someone just starting out, Rosebud is designed to help bring your visions to life. Join our vibrant community on Discord to test out the platform for yourself. 

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