January 30, 2024

A Rosebud Success Story - From Coding Novice to AI Powered Game Creator

OriginalCen is one of the lucky Beta Testers of Rosebud, a fully inclusive platform that allows you to create games just by chatting with an AI assistant.

He is also the creator of Number 7 and Digital Battle Arena, two games that combine elements of RPG and visual novels; both of them built with Rosebud AI.

“Literally one week before I heard about Rosebud, I started teaching myself coding”, told us OriginalCen on our Discord. Even so, and despite his games still being works in progress, Rosebud gave him the necessary push to bring the projects he had in mind to life.

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Step by Step: Overcoming the Challenges of AI Game Development

OriginalCen, whose real name is Richard Morris, is a man of many hobbies: drawing, writing, creating digital art, reading a lot of Neil Gaiman, talking and experimenting with ChatGPT, and, of course, playing games.

After gaining access to Rosebud, he started making a turn-based strategy map. His first approach, however, was a bit rough: “I had to totally reset like 4 times, but I learned so much each time”.

Just like other Beta Testers before him, Richard realized that the learning curve was intense but fast, and that the best way to create alongside AI was to express his ideas step by step: “I think of what is the first thing the person is going to see, then I think what is the next thing they are going to see, and then move one by one”.

Collaborative Creativity with the Rosebud Community

Another factor that has contributed to his rapid development is sharing his experience with the community to gain greater clarity about his creative process.

When working on his first game, Richard shared: “I am having so much trouble getting this battle scene to work properly. I should take a break and come back, I guess I will publish what I have to get help”.

It's in our Games Showcase channel on Discord where he, along with other Beta Testers, shares their creations and receives immediate feedback. Our Discord server also offers live streams with the Rosebud team, chat channels, asset packs, and an AI art gallery where creators can get inspired.

For those just getting started and learning to use the platform, Richard has a simple piece of advice: “Ask Rosebud how things could work, don’t be afraid to try creative things, and always check to see if there are empty spaces in the code before you click ‘Apply’. If something does mess up, you can always use Ctrl+Z if you haven’t left the page”.

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Creating Number 7 and Digital Battle Arena

Based on a story he's been working on for a long time, Richard decided to create Number 7. It was his second attempt at making a game after the first one he made was too complicated and fell apart.

Number 7 is far from perfect”, Richard admits, “but there is stuff you can do, including crafting, dying, and random interactions, I have plans to keep developing it”.

Simultaneously with his work on Number 7, Richard crafted Digital Battle Arena, an RPG where you train and upgrade a Cyber Gladiator for auto-battle arena showdowns, your task is to raise your gladiator's stats through targeted training and work missions.

“I have a lot of plans for upgrades to it and the introduction of mini games, percentage chance, an AI of your cyberknight, a story mode and virus battles”, he explains.

Continuing the AI Game Dev Journey

As OriginalCen continues to refine his game development skills, his enthusiasm for Rosebud AI remains unabated. “This has helped me do a lot and think in creative ways, I'm literally addicted”, he confesses.

A visual novel may be his next challenge, he has a few stories to share and he has found a comfortable workflow with the platform: “the more I work with it, I realize the key is making multiple scenes and not crowding one scene with too much”.

This approach will allow Richard to ensure each of his games breathes with its own life and purpose. With Rosebud AI as his toolkit, the possibilities are vast and efficiently achievable.

Reflecting on this, Richard shares an insight about how game development has become an integral part of his thought process and daily life: “At work, I can only think about working on games”.

Just like him, you too can embark on your AI game development journey. If the idea of bringing your games to life excites you, join our community on Discord. Here, Rosebud users share their games and ideas, and help each other to craft them in the most innovative ways.