NFT Platform

Make NFT collections with Rosebud AI.

We help creators and projects create NFT collections with no smart contract or web3 experience. We are differentiated by our proven track record of releasing viral consumer apps and experiences using generative AI.

Rosebud is focused on helping web3 creators make visual content and believes NFTs are one of the most accessible ways creators can accrue value to their work and make a living.

What We Do

From artists to metaverse projects, we help you create high quality, large NFT collections easily. We can work from scratch or if you have a creative team, we can train unique AI models on their work, to create stunning visuals.

Our AI content platform makes it easy to scale the creation of NFT collections that foster higher community engagement.

Your community can now participate in creating assets to collectively visualize your project! Bring them along in the creative journey.

We have a vibrant creator community to engage with any project.

How to Apply

Our platform is invite only at the moment.

Interested projects and artists can apply in this form.