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How it works:

1) Give us a mood-board of styles you want your collection to look like. We can work with your creative or start from scratch.

2) Generate some samples for testing. Approve the results

3) We give you your 10K collection. It's that easy.

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Our AI Generated Collections

📜 Lore The AI Cryptoadz Strikes Back. The freed Cryptoadz are planning for a grand strike back against the super evil Gremplin! However, they need to strengthen themselves before the revenge! Luckily, they found Synthia - an AI master at Planet Rose: 6969 galaxies away from Uniswamp. She can transform the Cryptoadz into the stronger AI Cryptoadz. In order to initiate the AI empowerment, she needs one minting for each toad!

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How it Works

From artists to metaverse projects, we help you create high quality, large NFT collections easily.

We can work from scratch or train unique AI models on a few pieces of your own work, to create stunning visuals.

Your community can now participate in creating assets to collectively visualize your project! Bring them along in the creative journey.

Artist Residency

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