Sell more clothes with on-model photos. No model or photoshoot Needed.

We turn your photos of clothes on mannequins into photos of models wearing your clothes, with AI.

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How it works

Step 1.

You send us photos of your clothing on mannequins.
Don't have any? Don't worry, contact us for end to end service.

Step 2.

Fill out the form below and let us know which virtual models you would like to use.

Step 3.

Pay to reserve your spot. In 3 days you will get your model shots back.

Make Photos Now!

Chose a custom model face to represent your brand.

No need to worry about licensing, not based on real people.

Target any demographic at the click of a button.

Customer Testmonials

WEdding dress D2C company

"They are amazing!! Your solution truly could be HUGE for the fashion industry, as it solves a huge need and painpoint and accelerates product to market timelines."

Top 5 Global spender in advertising

"Whoa, what magic is this?"

E-commerce Owner

"This will be great for enabling small businesses to be able to get their own unique images without the costs of a professional photo shoot with models."

Chaz Giles VP innovation EstÉe Lauder

"Very nice work. Living in the beauty world, I definitely see a market and significant streamlining of the current creative production process."


Pick the service right for you.

Less than 20 photos

$100-$5000/photo depending on level of model customization.

Free test available.

20-100 Photos

depending on level of customization.

Free test available.

100+ photos

$50-$2000/photo depending on level of customization.

Free test available.

1000+ Photos

Contact us for better enterprise pricing
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