Craft AI-Powered Experiences with the Future of Game Engines

Dive into the world of next-gen video game engines.

Blending the strengths of both 3D and 2D game engines, Rosebud offers an AI platform suitable for every creator.

Power Up Your Game Development Process With Artificial Intelligence

Unlock a new level of video game design.
how to make a visual novel character

Unleash 3D and 2D Game Potential

Create games that stand out using AI tools. From 3D adventure games to 2D point-and click, all powered by a browser-based game engine.

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Streamlined Game Development

Simplify the coding of your game’s mechanics with the help of AI. Just prompt, iterate, and publish.

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Physics Engine Precision

Immerse players deeper into your games with a precise physics engine that elevates the gaming experience.

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Elevate 2D Game Designs

From AI pixel art to fluid animations, design standout 2D games with a platform that ensures your vision translates as you want it.

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Limitless Game Possibilities

Step into a game development platform that integrates functional programming languages to produce new games that set the standard.

how to make a visual novel character

Intuitive Visual Editor

Experience a different way of developing video games while maintaining consistent quality and performance.

An AI Platform tailored for Game Developers

Designed for creators, our AI platform offers a video game engine that streamlines your journey.

Craft the best game experiences with dynamic game objects.
STEP 01: Input Your Ideas
Describe your game concepts, themes, and mechanics.
STEP 02: AI Collaboration
Let our AI platform transform your ideas into game assets, levels, and storylines. Refine and optimize.
STEP 03: Publish and Share
Bring your game to life and share it with the world.
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Experience our innovative AI Game Development platform firsthand.

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