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PixelVibe AI can create game-ready assets that maintain a consistent style.

From epic quests to fun puzzles, here you'll find different games that our community built using PixelVibe.

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Gastronomy challenges players to explore new planets through culinary crew chemistry.

Experimenting with characters combinations unlocks new discoveries in this galactic mission.

AI-generated visuals are vibrant and the game mechanics keeps players invested in the adventure.
360 ai generated skybox
Industrial AI generated skybox

400 Years

Loot ruins, defend your base, and accelerate time in this strategy game.

400 Years uses our AI custom models of Ancient Ruins and Full Body Sprites to generate its scenarios and pixel characters.

Princess Okoku

Princess Okoku is a turn-based card game where you can explore cosmic landscapes and whimsical realms.

Explore environments generated using our Exoplanets and Epic Space AI models in this odyssey through a kingdom lost in space and time.
360 ai generated skybox
Industrial AI generated skybox

Kitchen Frenzy Blitz

Match 3 in this charming puzzle game.

Pieces, base tile, background, and power-up icons integrate various PixelVibe models, resulting in a fun and engaging experience.

Astral Traveller

Follow the echoes of an ancient maze in this strange dimension.

In Astral Traveller you must hurry to discover the ancient ruins that will help you access an exit before the realms collapse.
360 ai generated skybox
Industrial AI generated skybox

Where is my Clock?

Pay close attention to the sound in the darkness, as your clock may be closer than you think.

Using our AI model of cartoony icons, Where is my Clock? offers an entertaining search mechanic in which each level has a small surprise.

Helmets of Stars

Helmets of Stars is a sci-fi visual novel where you play as a space knight maintaining peace and stability.

The plot and dialogues were written by ChatGPT and the models used include Fantasy Aristocracy Portraits, Sci-Fi Helmets, and Epic Space Environments.
360 ai generated skybox
Industrial AI generated skybox

Timebound: Dungeon Chronicles

Go on a time-bending journey through deadly dungeons crafted with AI isometric tiles.

In this action-packed adventure of swords, you can unleash your bravery and leave a magnificent legacy.